our Story

Deriving from a small, rural town located in eastern North Carolina called Roanoke Rapids, Julie and Allison started BarnBurner Promotions, LLC on nothing but a dream.   They've been in the music business for the past 3 years and have worked with an indoor venue, as well as an outdoor amphitheater, that were both located in their small town.  They've worked in the production of the show from the back end all the way to the front end where the advertising and marketing plays out.  The two have now come together to create an outstanding team that's able to offer both sides of what it takes to produce a major event.  "Even though decisions aren't made without the approval of us both, Julie excels in areas that I don't, and vice versa.  That's why we're going to dominate because it's two minds filled with different ideas coming together as one to produce an awesome outcome", says Allison.

They've both worked with artists such as Jason Michael Carroll, Oak Ridge Boys, Parmalee and Warrant as well as lots of local talent consisting of many different genres from Raleigh, NC to Richmond, VA.  They plan on giving everyone a chance.  There's no limit to who or what they'll promote.

It's a known fact that most concert promoters are men, but Julie and Allison feel that being women in the concert promotions business is what makes them unique.  However, don't let that tiny fact fool you because these girls are full of nothing but spunk.  They know what they want and will do everything it takes to get it.  "I want to prove people wrong when they say there's nothing here.  We intend on bringing big name acts to small town NC, whether it be an intimate indoor show at the beautiful Roanoke Rapids Theatre or we plant roots in a cotton field and have a larger scale concert", Julie explains.  "The name Barnburner speaks for itself-it's going to be an exciting, over the top event.  We aren't glass half full, or empty, girls.  We know the glass is always refillable so as long as we can continue to pour it in, we will."

BarnBurner Promotions, LLC is basing their platform on loyalty and customer experiences.  Julie and Allison are bypassing basic customer service and instilling an experience that ticket buyers will not forget.  There are many personalized perks that come with every event and they're showing this area that you can still receive an amphitheater experience at a small venue.